Y’all Hiring is a podcast dedicated to shedding light on questions regarding the recruitment process, career paths, and more! Every episode, Roz is joined by an industry colleagues and friends to drop some gems that will hopefully help you navigate your own career and goals.

Episode 12

Give & Take

Community first, people first. Don’t cheapen your experience as a professional because COVID changed the dynamic of the workplace. There is not “a one-way job”. It’s a give and take relationship. Consistent execution, you got this, we got this!

Join Roz and this week’s guest, Wahab Owolabi, Founder URx as they talk about how to show up your community and maintain your 9-5.

Episode 11

The Transition

When you lead from your strengths, you’re engaged and energized. You’re self-assured. You can decide what you really want to get out of your role & job environment. Make the decision to “take up space”

Join Roz and this week’s guest, Teeona Mayberry, Sr. Technical Recruiter at Lyft as they talk about being confident in your own skills.

Episode 10

For the People

“I’m rooting for everybody black. ”As many obstacles as we face in our lives, there are times when we need to see one another win. Why not identify companies that have diverse leadership, employee resource groups, competitive pay, fast promotion cycles, inclusive cultures etc so that we can really be for the people. Inclusion tends to stop at hashtags and does not include career paths.

Episode 9

Go to an HBCU

Everyone deserves access to a college education that prepares them for success. That’s the belief shared by the more than 100 historically black colleges and universities in the U.S. But, how does this compare to the drastic lack of diversity in Corporate America? Does this educational safety prepare students for true the psychological impacts of Tech. Join us with this weeks guest, Brittni Lundi, Diversity & Inclusion Program Manager at Uber as we discussing taking accountability for intentional recruiting efforts.

Episode 8

Power & Privilege

Representation is one of the most important tools. Thinking about privilege and power, is challenging as it’s an ongoing exercise. It’s something that has become apart of our daily consciousness. Are you comfortable enough to ask the hard question? Join Roz and this weeks guest Leanne Pittsford, as they take a deep dive into the intentionality of partnerships and work relationships.

Episode 7

Backdoor Diversity

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Episode 6

Switching Focus

To think the human experience escapes the workplace is obscured! Join me and this week’s guest, Ash Coleman, Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Credit Karma as we discuss being able in life experiences not just skills.

Episode 5

Quality Control

Episode 4

Wisdom Isn’t Meant to Be Hoarded

Build strong people by granting more access, share wildly and broadly, join me with this week’s guest Dewayne Cash. Director, Talent Acquisition – News & Sports at WarnerMedia

Episode 3

You Know What You Know

“Being your true authentic self means what you say in life aligns with what your actions. Bring your best professional self, you owe yourself that…”

Join Roz & this week’s guest Stacey Olive, VP of Talent Acquisition at the New York Times

Episode 2

Leaders Eat Last

We all have our own idea of what individual success looks like, but the real question is How do we become effective collectively?

Join Roz & this week’s guest Uber’s Head of Technical Recruiting, Craig Campbell.l as they discuss building trust, work readiness and the true skills needed to be a leader.

Episode 1

Recruiters Ain’t Sh*t

One “No” doesn’t define you career trajectory. There are multiple entry ways to the job of your choice, navigating recruiters is just one of them.
Join @roztherecruiter & Shauna Kimball, Diversity Event Marketer at facebook as we discuss my experience as a Recruiting Program Manager and a few tips for your everyday job seeker.