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No matter if you are just starting out, moving into leadership, or chilling at the executive level, this podcast was designed with you in mind. Tune in to check out Roz and her industry colleagues, as they discuss all the things that you have been dying to know. Nothing is off limits and nothing is sugar coated. The goal is to inform those thinking of joining the profession and to validate and inspire those that are already amongst us.


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I love your podcast!!!

I came across your profile while searching for people at HBO that I could get into contact about data science roles. But received so much more when I discovered your podcast “Y’all hiring”. I really appreciate the work that you’re doing to open doors for people like myself in tech. There are many times where I felt like I was on an Island. But listening to your chat with both Craig and Shauna, I know that’s not the case.

Kwasi Arhin

So Important

I just wanted to drop by and share how much I love the importance of your podcast. I was especially fond of the conversation of the first episode surrounding the importance of inclusion when we speak about diversity. Especially relating to hiring the right talent — not just for the number. So important.

F Faburay

Really Insightful

The first two episodes have been really insightful and I love that as a recruiter, you’ve created the podcast to share insights and bring on leaders from other companies who are willing to let an audience of job seekers and potential candidates into the inside world of recruiting and talent acquisition.

L Honkpo

Refreshing and Relatable!

I enjoyed listening to the podcast. Refreshing and relatable. I loved the part where Shauna spoke about being vulnerable. How I wish being vulnerable is appreciated in every workplace without linking it to weakness. Cheer and keep going.

C Moulee